A Musical Note

About this past Saturday Night!

While attending my musical brother/mentor Donnie Williamson’s retirement celebration, my mind traveled back to the mid 80’s when I first auditioned for the temporary vocalist at the Red Door for the Fabulous Kings. Ladies were there tuning up, doing all kind of riffs, scales; some had even baked cookies! Darrell recognized me first as “Ernest Caldwell’s sister” and mentioned I played sax. That seemed to get AC’s attention. When it was my turn, Donnie asked me to sing songs or phrases that would test to see if I was tone deaf and my ability to harmonize. Then he challenged me to just sing something out of the blue. I chose Smokey Robinson’s “Ooh, Baby, Baby”; which seemed to really impress him. Read more….

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Born into a family tree of well-versed musicians, Ernie Delores (Caldwell) Shelby is a talented saxophonist, vocalist and composer. In elementary school, when the music department ran out of “girlie” instruments such as flutes and clarinets When given the choice between tuba or saxophone. At the tender age of 14, a heckler in the audience named her “Lady Sax”®. And while Lady Sax®. is definitely musically blessed and anointed, she is also a business-woman; owning the music company Dimples,Company and EDSAS (Ernie D. Shelby Accounting Services). In 2007, she founded the non profit organization, “Sisters in Song”. In the 2010, “Sheation 1-2:22 It’s Not All Eve’s Fault”; a gospel musical that she wrote, directed and produced; premiered in Chicago, IL. Her motto comes from the Holy Bible, Psalms 92:10.
“But my horn shalt thou exalt like the horn of a unicorn: I shall be anointed with fresh oil.”

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